1987 442


In January 2006, the restification of my 442 has begun. I'm attempting to make the car as original as possible, with minor improvements that won't take away from the value or originality of the car. In some cases, the objective is to do things the way GM ~should~ have done it. Well, not quite. GM probably SHOULD have put a much larger engine in the car, but that's taking it a bit too far. I'm using NOS parts whenever possible, and have amassed quite a collection with the help of family and friends on the Oldsmobile G-Body Mailing List. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Mike Rothe by name - as he was a valuable resource in giving me the right information in the form of part numbers, or directing me to places where I could still obtain some really hard to find parts - the most notable a complete NOS Stripe kit. My aunt Nancy, who works in the automotive parts industry was also instrumental in making some of the parts affordable. Finally, Jason Hagreen is the person that I have entrusted my pride and joy to do the majority of the work. I met Jason a while back in Rochester NY, and have seen some of the vehicles he did himself, and the attention to detail that he put into them. After he detailed my 442 for me one day, it was a forgone conclusion that he would be the one that would give this car the attention it deserved.

We are part way through the process. I will post pictures and information as they become available. The hardest part of this process is being over 1000 miles away from my pride and joy and not being able to participate in its resurrection. Olds fans should rest assured that I made sure it was in good hands.

Currently, three sets of pictures are available. Stage 1 is the disassembly and preparation of the car for the media blaster. Stage 2 is the car after being returned from the media blaster and the rest of the work being done to prepare the car to be painted. Stage 3 is some major attention to a minor problem on the door.

I will detail the process as more pictures and information become available. For now, pictures will have to suffice.

Restification Web Gallery

Jason has been sending pictures at key points in the process via his camera phone. Those are presented below until the high resolution pictures come in.


Jason says "I'm putting things together now that I don't have to take apart again. Progress."

Prime example Caution - Wet floor
First the dash is gone, now this... I (almost) didn't notice the rims <sigh>. The painting has begun... OK, it's just the inner fenders and core support, but still... :-)
The engine has been detailed and inner fenders and core support reinstalled. :-)  


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