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This is mostly intended for people not familiar with what a mailing list is, and how it works. If you are comfortable with, or have experience with mailing lists, you can return to the main page and subscribe.

For those of you not sure, or unfamiliar with mailing lists, some important information follows, that, if understood before joining, will make the list more enjoyable for you, and for the members already subscribed. We all appreciate your taking the time to read this.

A mailing list is a group of people with a common interest. In our case, it's G-body Oldsmobiles. We use the mailing list to keep in contact with others of similar interests. We use the list to buy and sell parts, get help on technical or mechanical problems, or to share our experience and knowledge with each other. Mostly, we use it to learn from each other.

A mailing list is just a list of email addresses of people interested in a certain subject. Also, there is the address of the list itself. People can write an email message and address it to the mailing list. The mail list server will then forward the message to everyone who's subscribed to the list. Everyone on the list receives the message, and if they have something to offer, will reply to the message and send it back to the list. Again everyone on the list will receive the response as well. In it's simplest form, this is a way to write one message and send it to everyone on the list in one easy step.

In addition to sending mail out to everyone else on the list, you will also receive mail from the other people on the list. Remember, this mail is supposed to be addressed to the list, and not necessarily to a specific person. While you can have a "conversation" with an individual on the list, you need to realize that everyone else on the list will also be reading and responding to it. It's very possible, depending on the size of the list, and the number of people asking questions or offering help, that a large number of messages will be sent to you each day. On some lists, it can be well over 100 messages per day. You need to be aware that this is possible. Some Internet Service Providers only allow a limited number of messages or storage space available for their customers, and it's possible that your email box will become full if not properly maintained.

Oldsmobile G-Body Mailing List

This is a discussion group covering 1978-1988 rear wheel drive Oldsmobiles. Anyone interested in these vehicles, or any Oldsmobile fan is welcome.   An informational page with list news, information, and sign up instructions is maintained at at the following address:  Oldsmobile G-Body Mailing List.

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Oldsmobile Mailing List

A group dedicated to classic Oldsmobiles, particularly those of the Rocket V-8 era. This group is the successor to the Olds Mailing List, hosted at Chebucto Community Net in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, since 1995.

Members can access the group via a web interface at:

    Classic Oldsmobile Mailing List Web Interface

Access to the group on the web requires a Google Account. If you don't have a Google Account set up yet, you'll first need to create an account before you can access the group. You can create an account at:

    Create a new Google Group Account

Toronado Mailing List

This is the Toronado Mailing List, covering this brand of Front Wheel Drive Oldsmobiles. Anyone interested in this type of Oldsmobile, regardless of year is encouraged to sign up. This list is available in "real-time" and digest versions.

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