G-Body 442 Stripe Information

One of the most common questions I get on my site is requesting information about 442 stripes. Unfortunately, I have to report that it is no longer possible to get complete sets for any of the colors offered by GM. Key components of each set are no longer available. This is unfortunate, as these cars have reached the age where most of them could use a new paint job, and without correct stripe packages, this presents a problem.

Having said that, there are some options available, although they may not be satisfactory to the dedicated restorer. An aftermarket set is available from three sources. Phoenix Graphics, Auto Decals Unlimited and Stencils & Stripes. From what I can gather, S&S and Auto Decals just resell the Phoenix Graphics set of stripes (for $225), or you can get them from Phoenix Graphics for $99. All sets include all the stripes and 442 decals to completely redo a 442. Also, according to Mike Rothe, the stripes appear to be a good match to the OEM stripes in fit, but that the gold "is a LITTLE too dark". These would probably work if no other options are available, but require more care when painting the car to separate the upper and lower body colors.

If you're interested, the contact information for these companies is:

Phoenix Graphics: 480-941-4550
Auto Decals Unlimited: 1-800-860-9860
Stencils & Stripes: 847-692-6893

The other options available are to have the stripes painted on, or have the appropriate individual pinstriping done professionally. For those of you that prefer this option, I have the following information, just in case it's not available to you. There are three gold stripes separating the upper and lower body colors, except over the wheel wells where there are just two. A photo that shows the pattern is available below, as well as a drawing with the dimensions of the stripes. Care must be taken when repainting the car to note the location of the bottom factory stripe. The seperation between black and silver must be exact (unlike the factory job) because there is no body color background to the stripes. The first gold stripe should start 5mm above the body color.

stripeconfig.gif (79709 bytes)
This photo shows the pattern of the 442 stripes

This drawing shows the dimensions of the factory stripes

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