The Oldsmobile G-Body Mailing List

In October of 1998, Greg Beaulieu's Oldsmobile Mailing list was receiving a rash of G-body specific posts. So many in fact, that it was determined that it might be time to start a G-body specific mailing list, to help reduce the traffic on the Main (Classic) Olds List. Several of the members, listed below, including myself, took up the challenge of creating a mailing list for these cars. Currently, there are over 225 members on this list, and it has turned into a great repository for knowledge regarding the G-body Oldsmobile just as Greg's has for the "older" Oldsmobile. Many of our members are also members of the Classic list.

The list was formed to promote knowledge among people who are enthusiasts of the Oldsmobile G-Body. Of course, anyone is welcome to join the list whether you own one of these cars or not. Any Oldsmobile discussion is welcome, and the G-body shares engines and other parts that cross over to other models as well. Anyone that needs information, or has information to share is welcome to join.

Affectionately called "g-mail", the list has been in operation since October 12, 1998. The people who started this list, and are a in large part are responsible for it's success include:

Also, I'd like to thank the members of the Classic List, who provided us with a great amount of knowledge, Greg Beaulieu for founding it, and to all our current and past members for making it what it is today. This is one of my proudest accomplishments on the Internet, and I'm happy to be part of it.

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