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Bryceman's Oldsmobile Page
Probably the best known Oldsmobile site on the Internet. If you're searching for information, cars, or parts, this is the place to go. I found my 1987 442 in the classifieds on this page, so I just can't say enough about it. Check it out!

Doug's Unofficial Centennial Celebration Video
Doug has compiled videos of the Oldsmobile Mailing List from the Oldsmobile Centennial Celebration in Lansing MI in 1997. It's a stunning video, set to music, showing the complete range of Oldsmobiles that attended the event. It appears more like a professional production than a compilation of home videos. High quality & highly recommended.

Clubs & Organizations

Oldsmobile Club of America The Oldsmobile Club of America is dedicated to to all Oldsmobiles. Anyone is welcome to join, and ownership of an Oldsmobile is not required. Member benefits include a monthly magazine "Journey With Olds" and sponsors many events thoughout the year.
H/O Club of America Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the special Hurst/Olds brand of performance Oldsmobiles.
G-body Organization A site dedicated to GM automobiles of the late 70's to late 80's. It has an owners list, and a rapidly growing Oldsmobile section with lots of good information about G-body automobiles.

Reader's Rides

Jason's '84 Cutlass Supreme Calais This is one of the nicest looking Olds sites dedicated to Jason Adcock's 1984 Cutlass Calais. Lot's of good information too. Jason's a cool guy who also runs the Oldsmobile Webring.
Doug Newman's '87 442 This is Doug's 1987 442 page. A sharp car of one of the nicest Olds guys you'll ever meet. Doug produced the Unofficial Centennial Celebration Video which is a must have for any Oldsmobile fan.
Brian's Olds Cutlass Web Site Brian's page is dedicated to the Oldsmobile G-Body cars. Features some performance tips and good links list.
Mike's Not All Inclusive Olds Page Lot's of good Oldsmobile information that can't be found anywhere else, covering the performance years and more.
Tom's '84 Hurst/Olds Tom has all kinds of H/O information and lots of tuning and performance tips for getting the most out of your 307 engine.
OldsMagnet Homepage Probably the largest personal collection of Oldsmobiles on the 'Net. Lots of graphics of Oldsmobiles & more, including an ID page & some highly customized Oldsmobiles.
John McJunkin's Olds Page John has a really cool site, lots of good info, and the famous Oldsmobile BURNOUT page (You can see my car there!). Check it out!!!
Hot Rod Harry's A nice site highlighting some of Hot Rod's 50+ muscle cars (and one Mustang). Lots of good Olds info, as well as parts for sale, etc.
Hurst/Olds on the Web Wes has a nice site with a great story about his 84 H/O. Also features member pages, Tech pages, classifieds and a links page.
Ken Snyder Racing Ken has a site featuring his Oldsmobile Race cars. :) He also has a *very* extensive homepage with lots of pictures and info...See Oldsmobiles in action!
The OldsZone Cliff Simpson's really cool Oldsmobile site. Old magazine ads, Lots of Olds links, and much more. Check it out.

Oldsmobile Related Companies

Oldsmobile Corporate Site This is the Oldsmobile Corporate site. To find information on the newest Oldsmobiles this is the place to check out.
General Motors Corporate Site This is the General Motors Corporate site. Lot's of neat information on GM's complete line of manufacturer's & vehicles.
AC-Delco Home Page Need a part for your Oldsmobile? You can find all kinds of parts & information here.
Garden of Speedin' A nice automotive site with loads of good information, products, and resources.
Bob Hastings Olds-GMC One of the coolest Olds Dealers and Parts & Service folks I've ever come across anywhere. Really nice people who love the cars as much as we do.

Oldsmobile Mailing Lists

Oldsmobile G-Body Mailing List This is a discussion group mailing list that covers Oldsmobile G-body cars. Discussion of 1978-1988 G-bodies is typical, and anyone interested may join. No digest version available.
"Classic" Oldsmobile Mailing List This is the original Oldsmobile Mailing List. Any Oldsmobile related topic is encouraged here. Available in "real-time" or digest versions.
Toronado Mailing List This is The Toronado Mailing List. This is the best place to get Toronado specific information. Available in "real-time" or digest versions.

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